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  • user-friendly and responsive guest data entry
  • only a name is needed to add a guest - you can add more data later
  • quickly look-up repeat guests from their last visit
  • allow guests to register their own data - saves time when you're busy
  • add scanned documents to guests e.g. passport and dive licence


  • easily add and remove guests and staff to trips
  • print trip documents like crew lists and dive rosters
  • document designer to customise trip documents to your style
  • create trips even if you're not sure which boat or dive site
  • clone a trip to tomorrow to keep all details and guests the same
  • warning label if a trip is over capacity
  • add all a course's students and instructors to a trip with one click
  • create a course without an instructor and add the instructor (or many instructors) later
  • easily add guests to a course from multiple screens in the system
  • create groups of guests to enable actioning all guests in the group at the same time
  • add all guests in a group to a trip with one click
Coming soon
  • guest billing (invoicing)
  • staff commission and pay
  • multiple price lists
  • equipment hire

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